Asset manager dedicated to the customer with full supervision of all the core activities for the management of the plants (technical, operational, legal, administrative, etc…).


Administrative Management & Report

Management of relations with the energy service manager

Assistance and support in relations with the Competent Authorities and the maintenance of Authorizations

Completion of all necessary and / or useful activities for the payment of local taxes, preparation of tax and accounting documentation, transmission of relevant declarations to the competent authorities

Management of relations with the subjects constituting the Rights on the Areas

Management of relations with the insurance company (for renewal of policies and claims management)

Secretarial, administrative and accounting activities including planned communications and drafting of financial reports Reporting, budgeting and business planning

Monitoring of changes in current regulations concerning photovoltaic systems

Warehouse, inventory and spare parts management

Corporate management

Preparation and management of the board

Preparation and management of the assemblies

Holding social books

Preparation of the minutes

Ordinary corporate obligations