Any energy production plant is a dynamic system that must be continually updated. The revamping is precisely the technical and technological update that can involve both the components of a photovoltaic system, and the components of the safety, supervision or alarm system.

The main causes of production below expectations can be:

Design errors:

  • Electrical layout not optimized
  • Non-optimal inverter sizing
  • Mismatching of the panels
  • Shading
  • High local inverter temperatures
  • High consumption of auxiliary systems

Quality of the components:

  • Type of products installed
  • Guarantee of products over time

The ImOn group has gained considerable experience in the technological upgrading of plants and, in particular, in the revamping of the main components of the plant (modules, structures, inverters, switchboards, wiring, communications) and security systems (alarm systems). , cameras).

ImOn is able to analyze all the critical aspects of a photovoltaic plant at 360 degrees and to identify the technically most advantageous solutions for the customer, also in terms of investment payback time and financial sustainability of the intervention.

ImOn has the skills and professionalism to carry out all the diagnostic activities and specialized analyzes necessary for the identification of malfunctions and inefficiencies.


ImOn provides its customers with all the activities and services necessary for the design and construction of photovoltaic systems.

Over the years, the ImOn team has gained significant experience in the construction of photovoltaic systems for a considerable overall power.


Inspection: Imon performs, through its technicians, an inspection of the installation site in order to acquire all the detailed data necessary for the design.

Calculation of the optimal irradiance for surface units and for single azimuth angle in the locality in question.

Verification and calculation of the influence of the shadows, even with a special software tool for simulating solar paths.

Maximum system sizing: Imon calculates the power of the system and the consequent electrical producibility, with the positioning of the photovoltaic panels and the type of architectural integration that can be obtained.

Business Plan: from the results of the plant production calculations, Imon calculates the revenues and estimates the costs related to the management of the plant, ordinary and extraordinary maintenance and insurance costs. The Business Plan also indicates a hypothesis of investment and bank financing entities.

Design: ImOn designs the electrical system up to the point of connection to the electricity grid. The design includes the Executive Project, and subsequent to the construction of the plant, the “As built” project.

Permitting: ImOn supports the Customer in all the necessary procedures for obtaining the building permit (DIA, SCIA, etc.) and makes the connection request of the system at the local electricity distributor.


Offer management:

Imon offers the customer a technical-economic and financial offer for the construction of the plant.


– Order of materials: supply of the material proposing to customers the best solutions available on the market based on quality / price parameters.

– Authorization procedure: management of concessions from the request for connection to activation.

– Installation: the realization of the photovoltaic system is done by installers of proven competence.

– Testing: following the construction of the plant, the test will be carried out to certify the optimal functionality and compliance with the parameters set by current legislation.