The correct management of the safety of photovoltaic systems requires careful design skills, an adequate choice of integrated solutions with a deep knowledge of the specific problems related to this type of plant.

Risk analysis for the implementation of security systems for photovoltaic systems

The fields where the photovoltaic panels are generally installed typically arise in isolated rural areas located on more or less rough terrain and commonly with structural difficulties in communicating with the outside due to the lack of telephone lines and internet connections. Among the main variables to be managed during the design of a more or less complex security system necessary to protect a photovoltaic system are:

We develop integrated solutions that protect a photovoltaic plant by managing accesses and automated security checks.

Available Solutions

Access Control System

You can use both traditional systems with proximity keys, magnetic band badges, alpha numeric keypads and advanced automatic identification systems based on RFID radio frequency transponders using specific access keys.

Anti-intrusion system

Optical fiber plants, in IP networks or on data buses for the management of readers, volumetric sensors, vibration and anti-breakout sensors, opening with magnetic contacts and optical-acoustic signaling systems.

Video surveillance

Project-based solutions that provide fixed and tilting night & day cameras connected to NVR IP network recording systems for complete management of automated presets and integrated alarm management, including infrared visibility. The system provides recording and communication to outside with streaming optimized for remote viewing.

Perimeter Protection

Use of microwave or infrared technologies by means of perimeter barrier or “sensor” cables, on request it is also possible to use the thermal technology combined with the use of specific motion detection software with verification of human presence inside the risk area.